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Ruji Naturals Philosophy & Corporate Responsibility

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RUJI Naturals is revolutionizing the pet industry by introducing organic and natural products with superfood ingredients to improve pet industry standards. Approximately 6.5 million animals (cats,dogs) enter animal shelters in the U.S. Many of these shelters are unable to support the amount of strays continuously pouring in. The RUJI team is focused on addressing several pet wellness issues by partnering with local animal shelters in Miami-Dade County, to create awareness to these serious topics through opportunities like adoption programs, Educating pet owners, or allocating a percentage of product sales to shelters and organizations working to improve the quality of life for our furry friends. 




Directly Sourced Human-Grade Ingredients From Our Suppliers To You:

RUJI is committed to working within a fair-trade system, so they choose their suppliers through a careful selection process. They only use human-grade quality ingredients and superfoods to produce the best products for Man’s Best Friend.  They believe in transparency between their suppliers and consumers because they’d never give their four-legged family members anything that they themselves wouldn’t take.

      • All products use superfood ingredients
      • Dedicated to using natural products, no artificial or synthetic ingredients
      • All products are have FDA approved Ingredients
      • Made in FDA approved facility
      • Human Grade quality products
      • Dedicated to using as many USDA Organic ingredients as possible