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RUJI Naturals

It all started in July of 2015, when RUJI founders and close family, Roberto J. Arguello, Ernesto Sosa, and Eugenio Mendoza, sadly realized that they all recently shared a tough loss within their families: their four-legged best friends.  Roberto had a Dutch Shepherd named Striker with complications of arthritis and a dependency to Tramadol.  Pancho, Ernesto’s dog suffered from painful skin problems caused by allergenic agents, manifested a constant itching with inflammation and redness of the skin, and even injuries caused by excessive scratching.  And Eugenio’s Harlequin Great Dane, Akira, also suffered from acute skin irritation, arthritis, and hip dysplasia.  Due to these traumatic emotional experiences, Roberto, Ernesto and Eugenio got together with their families and close friends and motivated them to help improve the quality of life for our canine companions.  After extensive research on natural supplements and holistic medicine, they dedicated themselves to finding superfoods and all natural, organic ingredients to create pet wellness products that improve health and wellbeing, in honor of Striker, Pancho, and Akira.  They committed themselves to creating holistic product alternatives that provide your pets with options outside of traditional medicine with the mission to promote healthier, happier, longer lives for your four-legged family members.


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